How to use Gel Polish

You can apply our UV nail polish to unprepared nails just like a conventional fingernail polish, then cure (dry) for 2 minutes with a UV or LED light source and remove any dispersion film that appears. The finished nail will last for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. For a deeper shine seal with a clear nail polish or we recommend our Base & Top sealer. Compared to conventional air drying nail polishes our UV gel polish has a really quick drying time and is substantially more scratch and impact resistant than a normal nail polish. Our gel polish will not start to dry as you apply it like a normal nail polish, this makes it really easy to achieve a superb smooth flat glossy finish on fingernails. In order to avoid any colour retention from the natural fingernail or toenail we recommend you use our Base & Top product as a base coat. Always apply the polish thinly, if the gel polish layer is too thickly applied the polish may not cure properly resulting in an uneven finish on the fingernail. For best results apply two thin cured layers rather than one thick layer. Our uv nail polish is perfect for toenails, the durability allows the product to last much longer than conventional nail polishes.

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We are a leading European wholesaler for quality nail design and nail art products. We sell high quality products at low prices and have been doing so for 15 years. Our gel polish range is established and has received great reviews from customers and nail designers. We welcome all enquiries and are always available for questions or product advice.

Find out about our newest range of Gel Polish products

If you have any questions about our UV nail polish range of products please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We have been selling quality nail design products for over 15 years. You can buy gel polish direct from us at great prices. Wholesale gel polish prices are available when you register as a business customer.

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